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Award winning author Sheba Matheu is a mother and philanthropist who enjoys cultivating her creative talents in support of youth education. While earning her Master's Degree in Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology she concentrated on the implications of culture throughout the lifespan. As the daughter of an Ethiopian immigrant and third term Vietnam Veteran, this field of study furthered her understanding of the need for stronger micro-communities with common goals. With 10 Secrets of Being a Lady, she facilitates a discussion with families for building strong character strengths at early age as a basis for connectedness and positive self-esteem. 

Sheba enjoys sharing her talents with her community on many levels. In New York she volunteered with Children’s Storefront supporting their mission to serve the educational needs of underprivileged communities in upper Manhattan.


In northern Virginia she volunteered for the Orphan Foundation of America (now Foster Care to Success). There, she worked with scholarship award recipients to assist with maintaining individual award status.

In Florida, she actively supports Girls Inc and is excited about new possibilities with the rapid growth of the agency.


In all of Sheba's giving efforts, she gives her time and talents to children and young adults. She believes “each of us has is responsible for positively influencing our technologically overloaded younger generations toward a confident adulthood. The decisions they make today directly impact our world tomorrow.”

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